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Saturday, 8 January 2011


Here's a few Starling shots as mentioned in the first post this evening. You really can't knock Starlings - ubiquitous and much maligned but undeniably stunning in good light.


Dean said...

Cracking shots of what you say is a much maligned bird, Mark.

Anonymous said...

John says

Probably the best shots I've ever seen ,can't understand the disdain they get.

What's the setup ,how far from target .......only learning so not too tech thanks .

JWW said...

Sorry mate got it sorted now

I am "Anonymous said..."



Skev said...

Hello John,

I'd love to be able to explain in great detail how this was the result of some superb photographic craft and expertise - however ...

I used a digital Panasonic Lumix FZ-45 - it's a sort of bridge camera with compact functionality but a high optical zoom (24x giving a 35mm equivalent of a 600mm lens). I simply pointed it through the window at various Starlings using the feeder and clicked away. Camera was on Shutter priority mode, with 1/200 sec and ISO80 forced, giving a max aperture of f/5.2. The feeder is about 5M away from the window, so a bit of cropping in Photoshop.