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Monday, 17 May 2010

Update 2 of 3 - More Larval Life

Second post of the evening as I try to catch up with posting photos.

Later in the afternoon on Saturday, I nipped down the lane to gather some fresh hawthorn and bird cherry for the various caterpillars I am rearing. I couldn't resist a bit of a search and was rewarded with a couple more Coleophorids and four smart Yellow-tails.


Whilst sifting through the hawthorn that I'd collected earlier in the week, I found what I am sure is an early instar Sprawler - I'll keep my eye on that one for photos later.

During the mothing on Saturday night, as is often the case a few caterpillars managed to sneak onto the sheet. A couple were quite small and unrecogniseable, but this one is nearer final instar.

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

On Sunday I found this in the garden - I was initially stumped though I thought there is something distinctly wainscot-ish about it. I've since found strikingly similar photos on the tinterweb of The Clay.

The Clay

All larval life starts somewhere, as these Green Shieldbugs from the garden on Sunday amply demonstrate ....

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