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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More migrants and the moth photos

This morning as I left the house, just after posting the trapping summaries, the first garden Chiffchaff of the year was in song. Not actually in the garden, but viewable on the scrubby embankment that runs adjacent to us. Much later on, on the way home from work, I dropped past Grove Park again. The pair of LRPs were still milling about, but I was really pleased to find a superb bright male Wheatear knocking about close to the pathway with a few Meadow Pipits and Linnets. Typically the camera was at home - I'm going back again tomorrow with the DSLR, when no doubt nothing will be in range.

As promised, here's a selection of photos from last nights efforts:

All of the Brindled Pugs were superbly fresh, like these two

Red-green Carpet - nice

Mottled Grey - subtle

Pine Beauty - superb

Oak Nycteoline - you'd look knackered if you lived in the woods overwinter

Acleris cristana - ditto the Nycteoline

When out and about, it's always good to double-check you have everything you need in the car before setting off ...

Gennies - check
Cable reels - check
Traps - check
Tripod light - check
Catch box - check
Net & pots - check
Torches - check
Coffee - check
Folding seat ... bollocks

And from the garden:

Garden Tick

and a slightly smarter variant of Shoulder Stripe

I've not bothered with the garden traps tonight - crystal clear skies and plummeting temps after a good previous night generally means poor results.


Bennyboymothman said...

Thanks for sharing Mark! now there's a few species I hope I see tomorrow night in Oak Woodland Mottled Grey! and if i'm lucky Pine Beauty.
Also hoping for Frosted Green and Brindled Beauty.

Nice fresh Mottled Pug too!


Adam (Wigston) said...

Fantastic photos! Such a huge variety of species.

Skev said...

Thanks Adam - won't be too long now before a similar outing will produce twice as many species. Should be more geometers amd micros flying soon.