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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Garden Trap & Patch Pit-stop

From The Garden Trap The traps have been a bit poor over the last four nights - nothing too exciting and only one first for the year species: Lunar Underwing, in the actinic last night Catches have been as follows: 11/09 - Total catch 49 of 15sp. (125W MV 24 of 11sp., 80W actinic 25 of 8sp.) 12/09 - Total catch 70 of 21sp. (125W MV 37 of 17sp., 80W actinic 33 of 14sp.) 13/09 - Total catch 82 of 20sp. (125W MV 48 of 16sp., 80W actinic 34 of 11sp.) 14/09 - Total catch 68 of 19sp. (125W MV 39 of 15sp., 80W actinic 29 of 10sp.) The only really notable thing is that the MV is outperforming the actinic on species every night since I changed the bulb. Full listing for the four nights is: Tinea semifulvella 1 Ypsolopha sequella 3 Diamond-back Moth 1 Brown House Moth 1 White-shouldered House Moth 2 Scrobipalpa costella 1 Blastobasis adustella 2 Blastobasis lacticolella 1 Agapeta hamana 1 Light Brown Apple Moth 44 Garden Rose Tortrix 11 Celypha lacunana 1 Emmelina monodactyla 1 Garden Carpet 5 Common Marbled Carpet 19 Green Carpet 2 Grey Pug 1 Double-striped Pug 1 Brimstone Moth 2 Dusky Thorn 2 Willow Beauty 1 Large Yellow Underwing 59 Lesser Yellow Underwing 51 Small Square-spot 2 Setaceous Hebrew Character 11 Square-spot Rustic 6 Common Wainscot 12 Black Rustic 2 Centre-barred Sallow 1 Lunar Underwing 1 Copper Underwing 3 Mouse Moth 1 Angle Shades 2 Flounced Rustic 2 Frosted Orange 1 Vine's Rustic 1 Pale Mottled Willow 1 Burnished Brass 1 Gold Spot 1 Silver Y 5 Red Underwing 1 Straw Dot 2 Patch Pit-stop After another hectic day in the heady world of metal food and beverage packaging, I nipped into Jubilee Park on the way home to have a scan across the pool - it was only going to be a very quick visit. These days I really don't like carrying a scope about. My own scope is a very lightweight (in both mass and optical power) Bushnell Spacemaster that I've had for years. It's done good service though (it is an ED version and the 22WA eyepiece is pretty good) and in later years I took to using it with a monopod - great for walking around Scillies etc, absolute shite for seawatching. At the moment I have on loan an Opticron HR80 from Drunkbirder John Hague. Compared to my scope it is much better optically but is bloody heavy and needs a tripod. Anyway, seeing as I wasn't going far I took the heavy option with full tripod - about 30 seconds after hitting the site I was never more pleased to have this equipment when a fecking big Alsation and it's Doberman friend came bounding towards me at great speed. I was about to twat the nearest dog with the tripod when their chavvy knob of an owner called them in - to be fair they heeded his call straight away. Once I'd relaxed a bit I started scanning the pool. Not a great deal to get excited about except 19 Lapwings - I like Lapwings. A flyover Great Spotted Woodpecker was nice, and again Jackdaws seemed to be coming in to the area to roost. I watched the Lapwings for a good few minutes, and started to head back when I noticed these larvae on what appeared to be a cabbage (WTF is a cabbage doing growing by a river bank?) Large White

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