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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Classic Tracks & Listening To

Nothing remotely interesting to report today, as I've been busy on various things including (of all things) proper work. So, time to propose another Classic Track that I reckon every 40-something should have in their music collection, or at the very least remember fondly!

This time up, it's the superb debut single from Madness, and the track that got me into the 2-Tone / Ska revival in my very formative years - The Prince ....

Absolutely classic stuff, don't you think? Meanwhile, this week I have mostly been listening to .... .... Goldfrapp

The Black Cherry album to be precise. I quite like the recent synth-pop revival by the likes of La Roux and Little Boots, but let's not forget that Alison Goldfrapp has been putting this stuff out for a few years.


thedrunkbirder said...

If I was picking a Madness tune it would be Night Boat To Cairo. The Specials were the band that got me into 2 Tone with Gangsters.

Goldfrapp are a bloodt excellent band - saw them at DeMont on the last tour. Alison Goldfrapp is a bit of an odd one though.

Skev said...

I started secondary education after the summer of '79, and really didn't have too much interest in music before then so I missed Gangsters when it was released. The Prince was the second release on 2Tone later in the year, and by that time I was amongst/influenced by older kids at school that were more clued up. Soon got into the Specials and others though.
Whilst I remember The Prince very fondly as it was the first record I bought, I think Razor Blade Alley, Bed and Breakfast Man, and My Girl are among my favourite Madness tracks from the early days before they started becoming a bit of a parody of themselves.