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Monday, 7 August 2017


Despite the wind, rain, temperature drop and leaves starting to turn from green, the family are insistent that it is high summer. I've tried suggesting that actually, as far as all things natural are concerned, it's definitely autumn. But they won't have it. However my recent moth trap results say it is definitely autumn, and before long we'll all be enjoying the funky yellow sallows in the trap.

Orange Swift

Mouse Moth

Dusky Thorn (with slightly battered forewing tips)

Lozotaeniodes formosana (=formosanus)

Autumn is also a good time to look for leafmines. And I found some more this evening, which is clearly further proof that it is autumn .....

Phyllonorycter geniculella mines on Sycamore.
All mines appear to be 'tenanted' with pupae, so hopefully I can try and photograph one of the little blighters before long.

Tenanted mine of Coptotriche marginea (= Emmetia marginea) on bramble.

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