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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Overdue - Stenoptilia millieridactyla

Actually, I'm not convinced that this one is overdue - more a case of retrospectively seeing that the records I have were from a very brief localised 'introduction'. Stenoptilia millieridactyla is actually a scarce moth in VC55 (less than ten records). All of the records we have are almost certainly associated with introductions with garden plants (cultivars of Mossy Saxifrage). I've never had this plant in the garden ... but it looks like someone nearby introduced it during early 2006 and unwittingly brought in larvae. I have two records, singles on 16/06/2006 and 30/06/2006, but none since.

I'd like to see another, as this is actually quite a smart plume - as far as thin brown moths go.

Stenoptilia millieridactyla 16/06/2006

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