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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Croft Hill

Today was gloriously sunny, but with family chores and kids football I wasn't able to capitalise fully. The garden trap provided the first decent catch on Saturday night, and I noted a few bits in the garden late morning (first Brimstone, Small Torts and Peacock). Later this afternoon though I was free and I headed over to Croft Hill to have a mooch about. Not a cloud in the sky, and by that time it was a superb late teens temperature.

Croft Hill is a big hill overlooking a big hole

Looking north towards Huncote Embankment

I spent some time searching tree trunks and fence posts, and I managed to find a fair few inverts tempted out by the warmth, including two new beetles and a new bug for me (though I haven't managed to photograph them all yet).

Cicones undatus - a new one for me

This is a gall wasp - one to try and key through on a rainy day

Forest Bug nymph

Common Footman - found two larvae grazing on algae

Loads of 7-Spot Ladybirds about

Couldn't get a clear shot of this Tree Bumblebee - it flew off after I tried to manipulate it

Lots of flies sunning themselves on trees and fences, like this Calliphora vicina

Can't beat a bit of flowering Gorse to brighten any huge man-made hole

Here's a couple from the moth trap last night:

Grey Shoulder-knot

Clouded Drab

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