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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Blogger Screwed My Images

I've noted before that Blogger seems to be compressing images, depsite the fact that I've previously edited in Photoshop and used the web optimisation to ensure file sizes are moderate. Usually the compression is not massive and barely noticeable, but a couple of the images on my last post in particular have been completely screwed. Just done a bit of research and think I have a couple of workarounds, through ironically it will mean larger file sizes being uploaded.

All of the following are the same photo saved from Photoshop in different formats.

Web optimised .jpg image (my usual method), then made to look shite by blogger compression

Standard .jpg saved at max quality with no optimisation, and then compressed by blogger

Saved as web-optmised .gif file, which blogger can't compress too much

Saved as web-optimised .png file, which blogger can't compress at all

Looks like the last three versions are all pretty similar, but I'm going to start saving my files in different formats and checking which works best going forward. Fundamentally I don't want my images compressed so likely to go with .gif or .png versions.


The Leicester Llama said...

I've stopped web optimising altogether for Blogger, Facebook etc because of their over-compressing. I now save everything st maximum quality 'Baseline' jpegs, then if they compress them a bit it doesn't matter. The Bittern photos on my blog look perfectly OK using this method!

Stewart said...

I think thats always the case Mark, but when you click to open one up, the image is as you left it...
Th is is more evident on phones...

Skev said...

Tried that Stewart, but the image is completely knackered by blogger compression regardless of what size you view it at. The web optimised .jpg version that I uploaded looks the same on my PC (before uploading) as the .gif and .png versions.

Think you're right Andy, the max quality .jpg I uploaded has come out looking okay. However the file size when I re-download from blogger is a lot smaller so still some serious compression going on somehow with .jpg files. Both the .gif and .png files completely unaltered, but the .png file is a lot bigger to start with.

Think for the moment I'll stick to .gif files and see how that goes.

Skev said...

I've updated a couple of images in the last post - I couldn't bear to see them looking so bad!