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Monday, 9 May 2011


No mothing last night, so here's a few more flowery bits from last week - the first three from Merry's Meadow on 02/05/2011, and the last one from Watermead CP South on 30/04/2011.

Green-Winged Orchid

Adder's-tongue Fern

Yellow Rattle - not yet flowering

Common Bistort


abbey meadows said...

Green winged Orchids are extinct up here. Adders tongue and Bistort are more local but a bit early. Nice pics of the caterpillars on the previous post.

Skev said...

Thanks Nigel. Green-winged Orchid is rare here in VC55 too - only 3 current sites, all in Rutland / NE Leics. I only saw them this year as this site is on the way back from Pickworth Great Wood where I was moth-trapping. Not sure about the current status of Bistort here - it was only found in 9 of the 617 VC55 tetrads back in a floral survey in 1979.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Cheers Mark for the plant ID,I have wondered what that plant was at Watermead CP South for the last couple of years!