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Friday, 20 May 2011

Down the Lane

Had a very relaxing amble down the lane yesterday evening - it took me almost 2 hours as every few steps I stopped to net something, look at something or photograph something. Lots of Cocksfoot Moths flitting about, along with fewer Mompha epilobiella, Parornix anglicella, Celypha lacunana, Syndemis musculana, Epiblema cynosbatella and this ..


Lots of beetles too, with Common Malachite Beetles all along the lane, loads of Green Dock Beetle larvae destroying their foodplant, Chrysolina polita, Cardinal Beetle, 2-Spot, 7-Spot and 14-Spot ladybirds. Even more bugs - the vast majority of which were the nymphs of the common grass feeding species Leptopterna dolabrata, plus Stenodema laevigata, Red and Black Froghopper, and this wacky looking but very common leafhopper ..

Potato Leafhopper

I grabbed a few flowering grasses to try and ID - pretty hopeless effort to be honest. I got Barren Brome sorted quite easily, and I think this is Meadow Foxtail, but otherwise more work required ..

Flowering plants included some Bittersweet across a ditch that I couldn't get near enough to photograph, some White Campion and these ..

Pineapple Mayweed

White Clover

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abbey meadows said...

I stiil struggle with grasses...I have to bring specimens home, even some plants that I have identified last year! I have noticed Dock leaves along the river looking like mesh, completely eaten away but I didn't know what was eating it.