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Friday, 24 December 2010

Peace & Goodwill

As I am sure those who know me know, and regular visitors to this BLOG will have established, I have no religeous persuasions at all. My youngest came up with a bizarre bit of self-thought philosophy yesterday - "Jesus is a myth, a bit like a three-headed Tiger". You can't argue with 8 year old logic.

So, Christmas for me is entirely unreligeous. It is mainly time off of work, a time for family, a really great dinner, and perpetuating the retailer-driven vision of how to keep the kids happy. It's also time to take stock, reflect on what has passed and what may be in store.

It's as good a time as any to raise a glass to everyone reading and wish all a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy bird/moth/beer/whatever* filled New Year.

*delete as appropriate or insert your own persuits and vices


Nature ID (Katie) said...


Stewart said...

And to you and your family Mark. All the very best.


Dean said...

Can`t argue with your 8 year old Mark. We all know (or should do) that the bible was/is the biggest piece of fiction ever written.

Have a good festive period and all the best for 2011.