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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Great birding ...

... does not feature in this short post. Instead, my last 36 hours have been spent:

1) at work
2) offloading kids with my Mum
3) attending works Christmas do
4) eating a nice meal
5) drinking too much free Stella (cause the inept barman at the swanky hotel couldn't keep track of what he was serving/charging)
6) steadfastly avoiding embarassing dad-dancing
7) enjoying the kid-free freedom at home before
8) facing up to some Christmas shopping
9) selling stuff on e-bay
10) looking for my next car

Infact the only avian highlights in the last few days have been a GS Woodpecker on my fat balls (highlight for the family at least - I was at work) and the slightly bizarre sight of a Lapwing roosting last night on a grassy verge under the light of a streetlamp. At least I am pretty sure that's what it was - I had Stella goggles on but I don't think that even in my wildest drunken moments have I hallucinated roosting waders .....

Tomorrow - a-birding I will go!

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