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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Rutland Water 02/08/2008

I joined Ron Follows for what we hoped would be a decent overnight trap around the reedbed at the back of lagoon 3 at Rutland Water. Traps were literally in amongst the reeds utilising the tracks and access points estabilshed for ringing nets. Lagoon 3 was jst visible from the trap positions at first light over the swathes of reeds. As could only be expected when trapping by water, there were one or two Caddis flies in amongst the catch! We ran a 125W MV light over a sheet, 7 x 125W MV traps and 1 x 80W actinic trap in and around the reedbeds, both the older establish bed and alongside the newer sections. The total catch from these lights was a very respectable 1845 of 137sp. We also ran 2 x 125W MV traps and 1 x 8W actinic trap at the N0rth Arm Marsh (just off the Hambleton Road across sheep fields), with the catch totalling 502 of 91sp. - excellent going. The lists from these two areas are uploaded to the VC55 Moth Group for subscribers. By far the main highlight from the traps was an Epinotia caprana. It seems likely that this will be confirmed as the first post-VCH record of this tortrix for VC55 (ie no records since the Victoria County History in 1907). It will therefore also be the first fully documented record ad voucher specimen. Shame it wasn't the freshest/smartest individual. Epinotia caprana Otherwise, the main highlights were reedbed species, Caryocolum fraternella, Phalonidia manniana, Chocolate-tip, Black Arches and a Small Mottled Willow. Silky Wainscot Brown-veined Wainscot - nominate form on left, form arundineta on right. This form is actually more typical in the UK. Bulrush Wainscot Calamatrohpa paludella on left, Chilo phragmitella on right Southern Wainscot Orthotelia sparganella Small Mottled Willow - a migrant Mompha propinquella Yellow-barred Brindle - a nice fresh one

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