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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Outrageous waste of money and resource ..

.. yes, that's right. I am referring to the Official Queens Birthday and the Trooping of the Colour parade. The celebrations included more than 1100 soldiers poncing around in stupid hats and gaudy coats, and a flypast of 55 aircraft. What a fucking waste of money. All this pomp and bollocks whilst thousands of the poor misguided sods that join up to the forces are having to duck and dive in Afghanistan. One of the aircraft was a dodgy Nimrod - sadly not dodgy enough to ditch into the Palace.

The front row conversation:
"You know grandmama, father says this flyover has a frightful impact on the Royal carbon footprint"
"Oh here we facking go again"

"Well one is the Queen, and Charles is just a big eared malingering twat! He can bloody well fack awf"
"hmm - all thisa military stuff isa given one the horn"
Image courtesy (ie uplifted) from BBC News

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