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Sunday, 9 March 2008


Took the opportunity today to get over to Eyebrook Reservoir, after a week of working through man-flu and then being stuck in home on Friday & Saturday with ill kids. The main purpose of this visit, other than getting some fresh air, was the on-off presence of a drake Green-winged Teal. It was only after a week or so of it being reported that I remembered that it had been split and I needed it for a county tick.
It was a fairly good late morning with nice bright sunny spells in between very dull and threatening cloudy spells. Pretty calm though - the proverbial calm before the storm if the weather geeks are to be believed.
Anyway, this bloody duck was damned elusive to say the least. I eventually found it, very luckily, whilst scanning the partly obscured shoreline along th western edge between Holyoaks Farm and the island. It was with a small Teal group and way too distant for anything other than a very crap record shot. Like this:

Nevertheless a county tick, and it's a good few years since I last saw one.

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