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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Mottled Umber

Been far too busy getting through some chemoradiotherapy to do anything to blog about. And whilst I've been absolutely fine, aside from a little fatigue, the garden has been completely waterlogged for a fair while now so garden trapping has not been possible in any case.

I have been putting on a 12W blacklight LED on the front wall of the house and it has been picking up a few bits, but nothing particularly exciting or worth bothering the camera with. Last night was a little warmer, with a bit of drizzle, but I was pleased to find this sitting on the wall this morning:

Mottled Umber

This is now the third consecutive year that I've recorded this here, after the first in Jan 2011. But I'm still waiting for the first Spring Usher to pop up here.


Gibster said...

Glad you're getting by with just a bit of fatigue to set you back, buddy. Great stuff! I think you're doing yourself a disservice regards your new bio though. I much preferred the "played music, was in a band, drank some beers, had kids, drank some beers, more music, drank more beers, saw birds" etc etc.

Skev said...

Thanks Seth. My old bio was very reflective of what had gone past, whereas my new one just spells it out as it is ;-)