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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Return to 1980

The Housing Act 1980 brought into effect the Right to Buy scheme that was a central policy for Thatcher's government. It was the scheme that completely fucked up social housing, promoted escalating house prices through the 80s and generated a whole new 'industry' in buying to let pushing up private rental prices too.

It was so bad, that the Tories under Camoron are now pledging to extend the scheme further to housing association tenants. And they are looking to cover some of the costs of subsidising the prices for those tenants by forcing councils to sell off their most highly valued properties.

And how will this help to resolve the massive void in social housing? It won't.

I hate this party and their feed the rich, grow the wealth-gap, privatise or sell the assets, slimey bastard policies.

'Anything that Dear Mrs Thatcher did, I will certainly do my utmost to replicate.'

'Yes, I really am a mealy-mouthed clueless Etonian twat with only the wealth of my friends, colleagues and party donors in mind.'

'I would do anything to gain a few votes from the people that are too blind to see what a complete capital C on casters I really am.'


Stringer said...

Agreed..... I'd like to punch the shiny faced prick !!

Trent Duval said...

Elections should be held annually to make it easier to keep track of the promises, and manifesto's should be legally binding. Just imagine

Stewart said...

Brilliant Mark, every single thing they do will equate to money in the pocket for rich cronies somewhere down the line. Sell off flats, then they will be resold to a private developer who will rent them out for double the rent the association charged!