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Sunday 10 August 2014

New inverts

Spent most of this morning identifying and photographing various inverts from the yesterday and the mothing trip on Wednesday night. Here's a selection of the highlights:

Enochrus melanocephalus
This one came to MV light at Fosse Meadows on 06/08/2014. Not sure of the VC55 status at the moment.

Curculio rubidus
This one is from Newfield Colliery yesterday, and having seen one at Woodwalton Fen last weekend it was fresh in the mind. Again not sure of VC55 status.

Mogulones geographicus
This is the one swept from Vipers Bugloss at Ketton Quarry, the only VC55 site for it.

Stictopleurus punctatonervosus
Appears this one has been spreading. The shape of that black line on the pronotum is diagnostic.

1 comment:

Mark G. Telfer said...

Mark, I've just ID'ed a Curculio rubidus from SW Yorkshire (VC63) but according to the RES Handbook (2012) it's known only as far north as Hunts (VC31). It must be expanding.