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Saturday, 19 May 2012

This is getting plain silly

Nice and warm at dusk with a bit of cloud cover, but also a light breeze. MV trap was duly put out and expectations raised. The last three outings were all blanks - surely it would be better. And then not long after dark it started raining, and during the night is absolutely pissed it down. The trap this morning was very full. Of water. Aside from a couple of inches of standing water at the bottom on the trap, there was a solitary Brimstone Moth nestled in an egg tray. 18th May and all I got is one fecking moth - this is by far the worst prolonged period of shite spring weather I have ever known as far as mothing goes.

In fact the only reason I wasn't thowing the trap in the bin was because having to go out in the morning to check it provided a superb and completely unexpected garden bird tick - Sedge Warbler singing from the scrubby embankment. Brilliant. No sign or sound of the usual Lesser Whitethroat on there yet though.

I prefer this original version to Donna's, but I can't fault this Giorgio Moroder produced classic ....

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