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Friday, 18 February 2011

Bezoeker Birding

Just back this evening from a couple of days business in the Netherlands with a big global beer company - you know the one ....

Anyway, as ever when on business there was no time to enjoy the surroundings (and no - I wasn't in Amsterdam). One thing I did manage was a bit of impromptu birding as we travelled from Schiphol south to s'Hertogenbosch. Usually I drive, but this time I met up with a Belgian colleague who took the honours giving me the chance to keep an eye on the fields, dykes, lakes and waterways. Highlights were masses of wildfowl, and especially big flocks of Barnacle Geese, plenty of Buzzards including a few Rough-legged, and most surprisingly at least five separate Great White Egrets plain as day in the dykes. Hadn't realised that they'd become so regular wintering in the area.

Bezoeker = Visitor by the way.

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