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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shell Suite

More random shots from Cornwall - this time a few bits from the beach and dunes. Again these were taken with the new versatile Lumix - telephoto shots one minute, macro shots the next.

The marram grass dunes were littered with thousands of tiny snail shells - some typically rounded and lots that were conical shaped. All appeared to be empty, and most were bleached white. No idea what species they are.

Snail Shells

Snail Shells

Snail Shell

The beach had some really great tidal pools, and the undercliff was littered with small caves. Loads of common tidal molluscs, barnacles and anemones ..




Anemones and Mussels


Quite a few crab ghosts on the beach aswell ..

Crab Ghosts


Stewart said...

I live 300yds from the beach with some great rocky skeers. I have meant to get into the pools now for a while but keep forgetting about them! Familiarity eh...

Skev said...

I always love poking about in rock pools whenever I'm on a beach with the kids - no idea what I'm looking at/for half the time but it's very therapeutic!

darrell j prest said...

some great photos mark