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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Down the lane

I decided to pull up down the lane after work and have a mooch along the hedgerow. Nothing particular in mind, I just felt compelled to do it. As it happens, I found a few interesting bits. It was very dull light so I had to rely on flash to get a few record shots, but here-goes anyway.

First up - I found a pair of bush-crickets which I am sure are my first ever Long-winged Cone-head (or at least first I've bothered to try and ID). Here's a shot of the female - let me know if I've screwed up the ID!

I also found a couple of larvae:

Dot Moth


Sticking with moths, I found numerous leaf-mines on hawthorn. Not really sure on species as yet, but I found examples of 3 different types of mines.

In fact on this leaf you can see all 3 types: a blister mine on the left, a blotch mine on the right and a gallery mine at the top leading to a small blister.

Blister mine with frass clearly visible

This gallery mine on bramble is, I'm fairly sure, Stigmella aurella

This fly was happily foraging on various plants that I can't identify:

Mesembrina meridiana

Otherwise, here's a bit of colour:

Hawthorn berries

Prickly Sow-thistle ??

Creeping Thistle flower

Creeping Thistle seeds


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