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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Super Snipe

Managed to leave work at a reasonable 16:30ish today and dropped into Jubilee Park for a nose around. The pool was very full again after the snow/thaw/snow/thaw/snow/thaw/rain conditions since last weekend. The River Soar was also in full flow and very high, and a fair swathe of the grassy park was under water.

The Wigeon flock was back up in numbers, and split into two groups with c100 on/around the water and another c60 a couple of hundred meters away on the damp grass. Also 10 Tufteds diving actively (five drakes, 5 females) and c130 Canadian shit-machines. Also really pleased to see the Goosander presence - four drakes and five redheads on the water + three drakes and two redheads over heading north.

Best off all though was the smallest, brownest and most inconspicuous bird around the pool - a patch tick Snipe tucked up against the bank. Very nice too!


abbey meadows said...

Nice looking through your blog again. Great moth pics and I like the look of that marshy area next to the motorway, it reminds me of my local patch area. Widdrington tip doesn't sound like the most attractive area to have as a bit of a local patch but this time of year it is excellent for Snipe and one of the best places for Jacks in Northumberland.

Skev said...

Thanks Nigel.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to get the moth traps out soon and put some new moths pics up!