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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Patch Tick

This morning I had to go for the annual medical arranged by my company - it was mainly the usual stuff, but I was a bit bemused when the nurse required me to remove my shirt and left sock for an ECG?!

(Germans can't spell, but these ones make great tunes)

Apparently I am still healthy and alive with a pulse and normal blood pressure, but I still need to grow another couple of inches in height to get the BMI down. After the excitement of having my electrical activity analysed, but feeling weary from being drained of blood and degraded by having the piss requested out of me, I thought it was only right to drop into the area I laughingly refer to as my local birding patch for a quick look.

I chose Jubilee Park - so far this year it has either been too frozen to hold any birds or too flooded to access it, but today the main point was to check the flood-pool which would be full to the brim and hopefully holding something interesting. No one was more surprised than me (though to be fair there was only me) when the plan actually came to fruition - on first scan on the pool I immediately picked up 2 drake and 3 redhead Goosanders. These are strong contenders as my favourite duck, so I was more than happy to add them to the paltry patch list.

One of the redheads kept away from the two 'pairs'

I was lucky, as about 15 minutes later a horse charged up toward the pool and all five Goosanders fecked off to the north. Aside from this moderate success, there was nothing else exciting though Wigeon have returned in what for this site is abundance (156 of them). Also a lot of Black-headed Gulls (c130), about half of the resident Canadian bastards (c120), five Common and two Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a handful of Moorhens. The River Soar is still at high level and no sign of any Kingfishers today.

Just as I left, I was able to contemplate a moment in a Harry Hill style - if one inconsiderate dog-owner lets a fecking huge Great Dane off the leash at the same time as another one lets a nasty Rottweiler loose, which one is better? There's only one way to find out - FIGHT!

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