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Friday, 14 August 2009

Super Sugar 14/08/2009

The arcane art of sugaring!! Last night - zilch. The previous two nights, 1 or 2 moths. Tonight, by far the highest total at sugar in my garden - its the 'brown sugar' of the mothing underworld out there. My current batch is a bit runny for some reason, so it runs down the fence and pools up at the bottom. There are moths at the top on the main strips, down the fence along the runs, and on the ground at the pools. Nothing special about the mix - though I add a few drops of brandy and vanilla essence every now and then. Just gone out for a last recount at 23:45 - 26 moths of 14 species Large Yellow Underwing - 7 Gold Spot - 4 Willow Beauty - 2 Lesser Broad -bordered Yellow Underwing - 2 Old Lady - 2 Angle Shades - 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart - 1 Dark Arches - 1 Straw Dot - 1 Cloaked Minor - 1 Square-spot Rustic - 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing - 1 Mother of Pearl - 1 White-spotted Pug - 1 Old Lady Gold Spot Lesser Yellow Underwing
Cloaked Minor
Angle Shades Dark Arches


Stewart said...

Aaarrgghhh, $%&&£******%$£ FFS bloody sugar :)

I'll try again tonight....

Skev said...

I don't get it either.

Tonight (Sunday) - same sugar, same fence, similar temps but less wind. Just 1 Large Yellow Underwing and an Acleris forsskaleana by 23:30.

Stewart said...

Oh well thats better, I thought it was me ;)