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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sold my Soul

I have sold my soul to the devil. After a couple of decades of staunchly refusing to subscribe to Murdoch's media empire, family pressure and the increasing service range at lower costs have twisted my arm. In fairness, Murdoch himself is no longer at the direct helm of Sky which helped to mitigate the decision - a tiny bit. We've got Sky satellite with the Sky+ digital recording, the phone service and faster broadband than I was on. All for a monthly subscription that is about 70% of what I was paying to Orange and BT for broadband and phone without the satellite broadcasting. Luckily the dish is tucked away on the side elevation, although with the plethora of dishes around the estate it doesn't really make a difference. Most of the channels are complete shit though, but at least I can watch odd bits on Discovery and superb stuff like the new Psychoville on BBC2 with better reception than we ever had with our internal loft-mounted arial! Eternity in hellfire might be worth it in the long run.

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