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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Cherry Tree Feeding Fenzy - ish

A busy family weekend (Space Centre today and birthday party tomorrow) scuppered any chance I may have had of getting out birding. However this morning I was surprised to glance out to our very modest cherry tree laden with sunflower heart and peanut feeders and see that it was uncharacteristically busy. There is usually a decent variety of common garden birds using these feeders, and the odd surprise every now and then, but not usually all present on or under the feeders at the same time. Today during a spell of no more than five minutes there was: Greenfinch x12, Goldfinch x3, Chaffinch x3, House Sparrow x1, Dunnock x1, Robin x1, Blackbird x4, Blue Tit x1, Great Tit x1 and (only the second for the garden) Great Spotted Woodpecker x1. 28 individuals of 1o species - perhaps not wildy stunning numbers or species but if you know my tree and the lack of mature woodland in the immediate vicinity then this is noteworthy! The only time there are more individuals around is when the greedy bastard Starlings decend onto any bird cake I put out.

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